Joy / Creativity / Visualization during mediation
Description: A Silicate (Nesosilicates). Prismatic crystals with variable color. Insoluble and infusible. A range of colors, including white, pale blue, green and pink.
Metaphysical Properties: Promotes creativity. Replaces negativity with joy. Promotes visualization during mediation. Used to connect with departed spirits. Brings health and wealth to the wearer. Dispels nightmares, and encourages predictive dreams. Guards against depression and negativity. Makes one more aware and open to creative thinking. Said to prevent accidents and fire. Especially good to repel envy, intrigue, injury, sudden death and negative magic.
Healing Attributes: Skin eruptions. Wounds. Used for white magic healing. Weight loss. Varicose veins. Piles. Hemorrhoid. Helpful in treating high blood pressure, varicose veins, and circulation in general. Also said to relieve depression and arthritis, as well as help the digestive system.
Corresponding astrological sign : Scorpio

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