Stone Shapes

Isis Crystal

The Isis has 5 edges surrounding its largest face. This particular crystal amplifies the feminine energies, and can help you get in touch with your female side, whether you are a man or a woman. This crystal will help you deal with any matter regarding the emotions, as this is a part of our feminine. Women can use the Isis to overcome the stereotypes society has placed on women. Men can use it to deal with aspects of women they may find troubling, such as feeling like they need to take control over women, or fear women having any sort of power, or high place in society. Any healings can be enhanced with the use of an Isis crystal, as they are used to direct nurturing, motherly energies toward a person. You can either do this during a face-to-face healing, or distance healing, whilst holding the point away from you and visualizing white light flowing from its tip and surrounding the person in question, healing and nurturing them. You can also use the Isis crystal to perform a nurturing ritual for yourself, simply sitting with the point facing you, visualizing the white light flowing from the point and surrounding you. They are also very useful in gaining a connection with Goddess energies.

Channeling Crystal

Channeling crystals have seven sides to their largest face. They can be very helpful when you have a problem that you don't seem to be able to solve through usual reasoning patterns, as they are used for drawing information either from deep inside yourself, or from sources beyond our reasoning. People often use these type of crystals to gain contact with their "spirit guide". This type of crystal can be used anytime that you are seeking answers or guidance. Sit or lie down and hold a channeling crystal. It can be helpful to place it on the 6th chakra or to join the index fingers and thumbs of each hand around the termination (point) of the crystal. Even just holding a Channeling crystals can help you gain inspiration and insights. Whilst you are doing this, relax and clear your mind. Let images and words come into your mind without prompting, then let them go. Remember as much detail as possible during your channeling. You must listen very carefully for any sort of information that may come to you whilst using a channeling crystal. Be open to whatever impressions you receive. Sometimes they don't make sense right away, but do later on. You may also want to sleep with a channeling crystal beneath your pillow, then take particular notice of your dreams, and what they may be trying to tell you. A Channeling crystal can only be used by the person holding it, in other words, you are not able to send information to another person through it, however, and you can receive information regarding someone else using the crystal yourself.

Grounding Crystal

Grounding crystals have eight edges around their largest face, and are quite rare, and not easily available. Grounding is the ability to deal with practical matters in a logical and clear-headed way. An ungrounded person does not like to deal with the practical or realistic aspects of life, and can benefit from using a grounding crystal.
Grounding crystals help you deal with practical matters, attuning you to Earth energies, and preventing your thoughts from becoming "scattered". They will help you think and express yourself clearly. When used in meditation, they allow you to form a strong connection with higher knowledge, but keep you grounded so you can apply that information in a practical sense. When using a grounding crystal to work through a person problem, remember that it will require you to look at the truth of the situation and compel you to deal with that truth.
It is often hard to recognize when you may need this type of crystal, as ungrounded people are used to feeling "spacey', and may not even realize that their actions/way of thinking are not grounded. Some signs that may help you recognize the need for a grounding crystal include lack of concentration, feeling reluctant to tackle tasks that need doing, and the feeling that you are running in circles but not getting anywhere. To use this type of crystal, you should sit quietly, holding the stone. Visualize yourself firmly rooted to the earth, then see the roots growing deeper and deeper down into the cool earth. Continue this visualization until you feel calm and peaceful. If you are going through a time when you need to be able to stay grounded and think clearly, you should carry a grounding crystal with you. Some people may need to carry this type of crystal at all times.
If you need to help someone else become more grounded, you can sit holding the crystal, and visualize him or her firmly rooted to the earth.

Window Crystal

Window crystals have a small diamond shaped face that takes the place of one of the corners where two of the sides usually meet the corresponding two sloping faces. These crystals act like a "window" into yourself. These are a very personal crystal, and when one comes into your hands, it is intended to help you specifically. Window crystals are introspective, meaning that they help you see what is inside yourself. If you are having problems, and are not sure why, you can use a window crystal to gain insight. Window crystals are used for working within yourself to deal with problems and changes that must be made in your life. They are used in meditation to help you solve problems that are troubling your inner being. To use this crystal, sit holding it, and concentrate on whatever it is inside you that needs work. If you are not sure, ask the crystal to look within you and find the source of your problems. This crystal can be used to help someone else solve problems. To do this, have your friend hold the crystal when they come to you for advice, or to talk about a problem. The window crystal will help them open up to you.

Record Keeper

Record keeper crystals are distinguished by triangle shaped markings on one or more of the crystals faces. Quartz id not the only stone that can be a record keeper; for example, there are a few rare ruby crystals, from the Republic of South Africa and from the Ruby Crystal Mine in India, which also exhibit this property. The "recorders" (as the markings on these crystals are referred to) may look like a raised area on the face, but if you run your hand over it, you cannot usually feel them at all. This is why record keepers often go unnoticed, and will sometimes only reveal themselves when they come into the hands of the person they are meant for. If you want to look for a recorder on a crystal, you should hold the face to the light, and turn it slowly, observing all angles. Look very carefully, and you may just find a hidden secret! These crystals are believed to store wisdom and knowledge, hence their name. If one comes to you, it will be meant to teach you something. Each of these crystals has something to teach, and it is usually something you most need to learn. To use a recorder crystal, you can meditate with it, opening your mind and receiving any messages that it. You may not even consciously know sometimes what you receive from these crystals. Other ways to use the crystal is to simply carry it with you, or keep it under your pillow while you are asleep, so it can imbue your dreams with wisdom and knowledge.

Twin Crystal

Twin crystals have two terminations(points) at the same end that have developed from the one base. These are wonderful crystals to used when working with relationship issues. They may help you gain insight into the underlying problems of a relationship, and guide you in working through them. They can also provide positive energy when working towards improving a relationship. This may not necessarily be a romantic relationship, but any type, such as friendships, or family members. A twin crystal with a rainbow is especially good for healing a damaged relationship, or keeping a relationship strong. It is not possible to use the twin crystal to help others with relationship problems, as one of the twins will be specifically tuned to your energies, therefore making them very personal crystals, to be used for your own relationships.
When you are having troubles with a relationship, sit quietly with the twin crystals and ask for guidance.

Double-Terminated Crystal

These are crystals that have a termination (point) at both ends, allowing energy to flow readily in both directions. They strengthen energy flow, and are especially useful when you need to share or exchange energy between you and another person. They are useful when you are working to help other people, for example in massage or counseling, where the energy need to flow in both directions. In this situation, energy flows toward you when you tune into the person to find out what that person needs, and then the energy flows back to the person when you send them the required healing energies. Double terminated crystals also help teach sharing through the exchange of energies. If you are feeling out of balance, or need some extra energy, sit holding the crystal with one point facing toward you. Visualize white light flowing into the farthest point, through the crystal, where it is magnified, then out the other point and into your body. If you want to use the crystal for healing or any other work with another person, hold it in your hand, pointed toward the person. Visualize appropriate energies flowing into you through the crown chakra (top of your head), down through the body, along the arm and into the crystal. See it magnify and then travel into the other person. This can also work with distance healing. If you have children, try sending positive energy to the child when they are upset or angry. It can have a very calming effect on both of you. The same can be done if you are experiencing arguing and upset with a partner.

Crystal with Baby

These crystals are identified by a smaller crystal actually growing inside a larger one. Crystals with babies are particularly useful for people who have had a traumatic childhood. They will help bring issues from the past to the surface, so they can be dealt with. The crystal will shield them from a lot of the pain that these memories may bring back. They are also helpful for people who are working through current problems within the family group. You should work slowly with this type of crystal, so that issues may be dealt with at a pace that is comfortable for you. Do not force yourself. When you are ready, you will find yourself drawn to the crystal. You may have the crystal for a long time before you are ready to use it. You can use this type of crystal for meditation, or just carry it with you. You must, however, be prepared to deal with any issues that arise. Try to have some support around you when you start working with this crystal.

Trigger Crystal

A trigger crystal is one that has a smaller crystal growing off it (as opposed to the crystal with a baby, which has a smaller crystal growing INSIDE it). This smaller crystal, or "Trigger", is used to increase the energies and attributes of the crystal it is on. Simply squeeze the small trigger crystal for a surge of energy.

Self-Healed Crystal

A self-healed crystal is one that has been broken and damaged quite badly, but then has proceeded to grow again and repair itself. A phantom crystal is one that has had some sort of impurity drop on it during growth, but has then kept growing around and over this impurity. Either of these types of crystals are excellent for assisting healing from emotional injuries. These types of crystals, again, will most probably come to you at a time when you are carrying a great deal of pain, and most need their assistance. Just sitting and holding the crystal will help you deal with any pain you are going through, but you may also choose to carry or wear one.

Cluster Crystal

Quartz crystals generally grow in clusters that are made up of many individual crystals. A cluster will fill a room with positive energy, as the crystals all harmonize and vibrate together. Clusters actually vibrate in a slightly different way to what single crystals do. Clusters represent a sense of community, and a very useful for clearing negative energy from a room. You may want to use one when moving into a new home, or after an argument to calm the atmosphere. All you need to do is set it somewhere, and it will begin to work to clear the environment. Amethyst or smoky quartz clusters can be used to keep the spirit centered, as they have a certain property that keeps all the energy centers in the body aligned, balanced, and in harmony with each other.

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