Stone Magic

Charging a Stone

Before you use your stone for magic, or as a talisman, it should be "Charged" or "Programmed" with the desired energies. As you will have seen in the crystal index, all stones possess a natural energy of their own. The knowledge of these natural powers has been passed down to us through the ages. Many ancient civilizations held great respect for the power stones held, and were often used as part of their religious life. The process we use for charging the stone personalizes this energy, and lets you focus your needs and intentions into the stone.
Some simple methods of energizing a crystal include leaving it in bright sunlight for a day, with the suns warm rays shining full on it. You can also use other crystals to assist in the cleansing and energizing process. A cluster of clear quartz is excellent for this. Simply sit the stone on the cluster for a couple of days. I would suggest that stones you are using to purify and energize others be cleansed on a regular basis, to rid them of any negative energy they have absorbed out of the other stones.
You can also program specific personal energies into a stone. First you need to choose a stone whose properties basically fit your requirements, and then you can narrow it down with your own energies. After the stone is fully cleansed, sit comfortably and hold the stone in your projective hand (right if you are right handed, and vice-versa). Picture the energy you want the stone to hold, and imagine this energy, whether it be love, wealth, protection, clairvoyance etc, flowing through you and into the crystal. Again, visualization is the key factor here. The more you can concentrate, and really SEE that energy flowing into the stone, the more effective the programming will be.

Cleansing the Stone

After you have obtained a crystal of your choosing, there are a few things you must do to ensure that you may use it to the best of your ability. Stones are subject to a wide range of energies before they arrive in your home. Prior to using them in magic, or charging them with your own personal energies, it is strongly suggested you perform a cleansing ritual on your stone. This will neutralize any unwanted energies that reside in the stone, readying it for use. Some say that if you have collected this stone yourself, from nature, then you do not need to worry about purification. It is up to you.
There are many ways to purify a stone, such a leaving it in the full sun for a day or two, allowing the suns rays to burn away any negativity. Another is to leave the stone in a stream, or any moving water for a day, enclosed in netting, or some other device to ensure that the stone is not washed away. This allows the water to wash away any impurities.
Another ritual requires all four elements for total purification. You will need some salt, a small amount of purified water, a white candle, and some incense, preferably something like myrrh, or frankincense, or my personal favorite, sacred white sage. You do not need to use an alter; you can perform this simple ritual wherever you feel most comfortable.
Firstly, sit where you will not be disturbed, and where you are comfortable. Have your crystals, and the other items that you need laid out in front of you. Your salt represents the element of earth. The water is, of course, the element of water. The candle represents fire, and the color of it (white) is symbolic of purification. The incense represents the element of air.
You need to add a pinch of salt to your small bowl/container of water, saying something along the lines of "I now combine the powers of water and earth". Take your crystal, and dip it into the solution of salt water, saying "By the power of water and earth, I cleanse thee". Now, pass the crystal quickly through the flame of the candle three times, saying "By the power of fire, I cleanse thee". Next, pass it through the smoke of the incense three times, saying, "By the power of air, I cleanse thee".
This is a very basic format, and there are many other bits and pieces you can add to this ritual as you become more familiar with the craft. You may make adaptations depending on the actual stone, and your intentions for it. Some also like to leave the stones, after being cleansed by the ritual just stated, in the light of the waning moon for 3 nights, as the waning moon is a time of draining energies, and is the best time for any type of banishing magic, So as the moon wanes, so will any residual energies in the stone. Make sure you place it where it will be in view of the moon for most of the night, preferably outside, perhaps even on the roof of your house.
A variation of this is to bury the stone in the earth for 3 days, alloying the grounding, earthy powers to drain any negativity from the stone.
As with any ritual, or magical working, visualization is a vital part of the recipe. You have to concentrate very hard, and really SEE in your minds eye the candles flame, or the incense, or the salt solution, actually draining away all those energies. Feel them flowing out of the stone as you perform your work. If you sit and blindly repeat words you have read in books or on the net, you will not achieve anything. The powers of nature work through you…not through any "magic words". It is what you feel, and what you see in your minds eye, that gives any magical work its power.
If after the cleansing process, you still feel some negative energy in the stone when you hold it, you will need to repeat the process. When you feel it is clear and cleansed, you are ready to use the stone for whatever purpose you desire.

Crystal Healing

A simple crystal healing is to place crystals of the appropriate color and energy at corresponding chakra points. This will cleanse and energize the chakras. Here is a list of the chakras with stones that may prove beneficial:

  • Root chakra: Jasper (bloodstone), garnet, onyx, rubies
  • Second chakra(womb): hematite, moonstone
  • Third chakra (solar plexus): citrine, amber, topaz
  • Fourth chakra (heart): rose quartz, Chinese Fluorite
  • Fifth chakra (throat): aquamarine, turquoise
  • Sixth chakra (third eye): sapphire, turquoise, amethyst
  • Seventh chakra (crown): clear quartz or amethyst

It's a good idea to "stroke down" and cleanse the aura energetically before applying the energies of the stones, one by one, to the chakras. Begin with the root chakra, and imagine energy rising from the base of the spine up through the crown of the head as you move upward. Visualize each chakra being energized and expanding in turn.
Clear quartz can be used to simply magnify all healing efforts. Try holding a point in your hand as you scan the aura (point facing out), and then face the point in as you send healing and harmonizing energy.
Another powerful healing technique involves the use of two clear quarts points. Sit at the feet of the patient with the point of the crystal in your right hand facing in at the bottom of the patient's left foot, and the point of the crystal in your left hand pointing out at the bottom of the patient's right foot. Send energy up through your right hand (patient's left foot) and visualize it channeling all through the body, all up the left side, and through and down the right side and out the right foot. Imagine a continue circle of energy going in and flowing out. The key is to visualize ease of flow and balance. Visualize all stagnant energies breaking up and melting down, and new clarity and flow being established. All unwanted energies will be washed through, and new vitality and well-being will fill the energy field.

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