Logical thought / Good for computers / Cell phones
Description: A Silicate (Tectosilicates, Sodalite Group). Usually forms in compact masses. All shades of blue with tints of white or gray. Soluble in hydrochloric and nitric acids. Fuses fairly easy.
Metaphysical Properties: Stone for logical and rational thinking. Eliminates confusion and gives clarity. Eliminates harmful rays from cellular phones and computers. Promotes fellowship in groups. Encourages self-esteem. Enhances the truth. Provides access to the sacred laws of the universe. Do not cleanse with water. Although Sodalites energies and powers resemble that of Lapis Lazuli, these are on a milder level. However, its powers can be amplified, if used with other blue stones. Can balance male and female polarities, as well as clearing the mind. It has a calming, slightly sedative nature, and is good for grounding. It will open the third eye, and bring in inner psychic sight and intuitive knowledge. Enhances communication abilities, as well as sensuality. It can also balance and activate the second chakra. Strengthens the metabolism. Reduces stress and helps to prolong physical endurance.
Healing Attributes: Gland metabolism. Digestive system. Insomnia. Helpful in lowering blood pressure and fevers.
Corresponding astrological sign : Sagittarius

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