October 23—November 21.
Planet: Mars & Pluto.
Metal: Iron, Steel, Plutonium (Radioactive, Danger).
Age: Seniority.
Cross: Fixed.
Element: Water.
Stones: Topaz, ruby, jet, Aquamarine.
Numbers: 9.
Day: Tuesday.
Season: Autumn
Flowers and Herbs: Sweet basil, purple heather.
Tree: Holly, blackthorn.
Color: Deep reds, shadow black, brown.
Bird: Eagle, vulture.
Animal: scorpion, wolf, panther.
Key Word: Death.
Musical Tone: G above high C
Description: The search for transformation is what motivated Scorpios. The intense emotions of this sign are toughened by the influence of Mars that gives it an obsessive, sometimes abusive quality. Those born under this sign have a keen sense for what his right and wrong. Scorpions are usually fascinated with the dark, hidden side of things. They make great Witches and Magicians. The sign's greatest strength is commitment, the ability to see things through to the end. Its greatest weakness is the reluctance to change or forgive.
Scorpio Oil: Use 2 tablespoons of any of the following herbs to 2 ounces oil. Steep one moon cycle or for 12- 24 hrs on low in a slow cooker. If stronger scent is desired, remove herbs and repeat. Crack in 2 vitamin E capsules if preservative is desired.
Herbs: Chrysanthemum, pine, yucca, rosemary, dogwood, anemone, lesser celandine, nettles, wormwood, basil, vanilla leaf, cypress

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