Prosperity / Brings peace of mind
Description: An Oxide. A variation of corundum that is blue in color. Forms hexagonal barrel like crystals. Insoluble in acids. Variations of blue, from cornflower, to a deep midnight blue.
Metaphysical Properties: A stone of prosperity. Dispels unwanted thoughts. Bring peace of mind. Allows one to obtain dreams. Sapphire crystals are superior to gems for healing and allow one to ease to the metaphysical realms. Allows one to access ancient. Used for defensive magic. Excellent for meditation, as it breaks up confusion. Aligns body, mind, and spirit, as well as stimulating psychic abilities. Intensifies spell working. Breaks up old blockages, and seals the aura. Will focus energy without the conscious effort of the wearer. A very old tradition says that a sapphire of any color will dissolve poverty and replace it with prosperity. According to the Buddhist tradition, a sapphire has special powers that will induce a trance. Will also aid with astral projection, channeling, and development of psychic powers.
Healing Attributes: Blood diseases. Cellular disorders. Helps the glandular system. Wear over the heart to reduce fever. Heals the mind and spirit. Helps backache and skin problems, and improves the condition of the hair and nails. Some claim that sapphire can help to heal cancer.
Corresponding astrological sign: Virgo

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