November 22—December 21.
Planet: Jupiter.
Metal: Tin, Brass
Age: 35-42 (Maturity).
Cross: Mutable.
Element: Fire.
Stones: Sapphire, amethyst, topaz.
Numbers: 3 & 4.
Day: Thursday.
Season: Autumn
Flowers and Herbs: Carnation, sage.
Tree: Mulberry, vine, chestnut.
Color: Lilac, mauve, purple, indigo, gold red.
Bird: Eagle, peacock.
Animal: Mare, lion.
Key Word: Wisdom.
Musical Tone: B
Description: Sagittarius is a deep, complicated sign, with a mixture of instinct and reason always searching for wisdom. The combination of mutability and fire makes this sign unstable; its plans are often dropped before completion. Often possessed by wanderlust, idealism and the search for truth, Sagittarius needs freedom. The sign's greatest strength is optimism and enthusiasm and its weakness is impracticality. However when their faith is strong, Sagittarians get along well with little material success.
Sagittarius Oil: Use 2 tablespoons of any of the following herbs to 2 ounces oil. Steep one moon cycle or for 12- 24 hrs on low in a slow cooker. If stronger scent is desired, remove herbs and repeat. Crack in 2 vitamin E capsules if preservative is desired.
Herbs: Daffodil, narcissus, aster, nutmeg, clove, saffron, pimpernel, cinquefoil, balsam, goats bear, sage

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