Repels Negative energy's / marriages / relationships
Description: Rutilated Quartz is identified as quartz crystal containing Rutile crystals growing within it. The chemical composition of Rutile is titanium dioxide, and occurs as "hairs" or thin, straight crystals, with a metallic luster. Rutilated quartz is clear rock crystal containing thin threads of gold or titanium, or such other penetrating minerals as asbestos and actinolite inside.
Metaphysical Properties: Rutilated quartz is known to intensify the power of the quartz crystal. Excellent for astral travel. Insight, awareness, communication with that beyond our physical realm. By enhancing the life-force energy, it strengthens the immune force and stimulates the thinking process. A highly electric stone, it can increase clairvoyance by piercing through layers of physical, emotional and mental density. Helps with communication with the higher self, and spirit guides. Enables one to project an aura of power and authority, while keeping ones perspective very clear. A good energy stone, it will increase the power of any magic, if worn, or placed on the alter during rituals. Affects all the chakras, and can regenerate damaged tissue. Can also repel or dissolve depression. Use with Beryl to help bronchitis and asthma. A general detoxifying stone, good for drug and alcohol problems.
Corresponding Astrological Signs: Gemini, Taurus

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