Activates unconditional Love / Assist achieving potential /Dispel chaos
Description: A Silicate (Inosilicates). Usually forms in compact or granular masses. Tabular crystals rare. Deep pink with black marks caused by manganese oxides. Insoluble in acids. Pink, rose red, or purplish red, with thin veins or patches of gray black.
Metaphysical Properties: Balances yin and yang energies. Enhances attunement to the spirituality of the Universe. Activates unconditional love. Assist one in achieving their potential. Dispels chaos and anxiety. Removes blockages. By reducing stress and calming the mind, it can ease physical and emotional traumas. It enhances self-esteem, confidence, and the energy levels of both the body and the mind. Excellent for all healers or spiritual seekers, who must live and/or work in metropolitan areas.
Metaphysical Properties: Acid levels. Iron imbalances. Berating. Blood disorders. Helps the nervous system, thyroid, pituitary gland, and the body reflexes. Also strengthens the immune system, and aids the heart.
Corresponding astrological sign: Taurus

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