Protects Against Danger / Enhance memory
Description: A Sulfide (Iron Sulfide). Also known as Fool's Gold. Forms in cubes, octahedrons and granular masses. Fairly dark yellow in color. Dissolves in nitric acid. Used in the manufacturing of sulfuric acid.
Metaphysical Properties: Possesses a defending quality and shields from negative energies. Keeps out all pollutants. A unique protector especially on the physical level - for those who do dangerous work. Keeps away all forms of negativity. Assist one in seeing behind the facades. Stimulates intellect and enhances memory. Encourages one to maintain health, intellectual and emotional well being. The name Pyrite comes from the Greek work "pyr" (fire), as when pyrite is struck with a metallic object, it will produce sparks. Aids in harmonizing work situations and relationships. Strengthens the will, and gives one a more positive outlook on life. Eases anxiety. Use with Fluorite and Calcite to stimulate the mind. Can protect against negativity on all levels.
Healing Attributes: Bones. Cell formation. Bronchitis. Lungs. Fever. Digestion. Oxygenates blood. Corrects digestion and circulation, by enhancing the blood.
Corresponding astrological sign: Leo

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