Petrified Wood

Worries / Grounding / copping in a crisis/ Understanding Suffering
Description: Many colors. This is fossilized wood. Fossilization occurs when all the organic material is replaced over time by silica - most commonly a type of Chalcedony, which can be agate, opal, or pyrite. The wood structure is retained, but the wood fibers are changed into stone.
Metaphysical Properties: Eliminates worry about things that you cannot change. Excellent grounding stone. Good connection to past lives and used for past live regressions. Used to strengthen one's back - literally and figuratively. Aids one in coping during a crisis. Helps one to understand suffering. Gives the wearer a sense of security, and takes away the worries about aging. Keeps the energy rate steady, and attracts good luck. Can also be used to erect an astral barrier that screens out, and nullifies negative vibrations. Helpful in recalling past lives. Heals by building up reserves of physical strength. Helps to ease mental and emotional stress.
Healing Attributes: Back. Soothes skin. Ads luster to hair. Hearing. Incontinence.
Corresponding astrological sign: Leo

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