Regulates life cycles / Provides a shield around the body
Description: A Silicate (Nesosilicates, variation of Olivine). Stubby crystals of prismatic habit or granular masses. Green to yellowish in color. Soluble in hydrochloric acid.
Metaphysical Properties: Assist one to change for the better. Helps regulate cycles. Provides a shield of protection around the body. (Remove when aligning or cleansing). Heals bruised egos. Lessons negative emotions. Helps one find missing articles. An excellent healing stone. Works like a health tonic. Emits a warm friendly energy. Peridot reduces stress, stimulates the mind, and amplifies intuitive awareness. Balances and calms the emotions. Gives inspiration and strengthens inner sight. Can aid in reducing jealousy or anger. Its stimulation for growth and change can be too intense for some. If this happens, wear with Amethyst or Citrine, to soften its effects. Can help to discover your destiny, or purpose in life. Also said to ward off evil spirits. Peridot is a balancer of the glandular system, also helps with tissue regeneration, and purifies the body by strengthening the blood. Aids indigestion, and reduces fever.
Healing Attributes: Heart. Lungs. Spleen. Intestines. Ulcers. Birthing. Menstrual cramps.
Corresponding astrological sign: Leo

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