Working with Universe and universal laws
Description: A Silicate (Tectosilicates, Feldspar Group. K Feldspars, Orthoclase). Colorless to whitish prismatic crystals often with iridescent sheen. Not usually found in large pieces. Soluble in hydrofluoric acid.
Metaphysical Properties: Known as the "Stone of Purity". There are no untruths here. Is a stone for hoping and wishing and also for new beginnings. Allows one to take what is needed from the Universe. Gives one access to galactic energies. Helps one to accept their destinies. Enhances perception and psychic powers. Aids one in decision making. Relieves emotional tension. Promotes creativity and self-expression. Cleanses negativity from chakras. Promotes spiritual understanding. Removes obstacles in one's path. A talisman for good fortune. Provides a sustaining force. Each person must work with the moonstone to see if it works better for him or her during the waning, or waxing moon. Is said to change its luster with the phases of the moon. Balances the emotions, by reducing the tendency to over react. Relieves stress and tension. Breaks up rigid attitudes. Helps one to see all possibilities and discard tunnel vision. Use during the waxing moon as a love charm, and during the waning moon, to foretell the future. Helps to open communication between lovers. Enhances the psychic-keep a piece with divinatory tools. Helps with female problems and childbirth. By unblocking the lymphatic system, it can heal and balance the stomach, pancreas, and pituitary gland. Can reduce swelling and excess body fluid.
Healing Attributes: Aids in child birth. PMS. Edema. Stings. Fevers.
Corresponding astrological sign: Cancer

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