Helps physical pain / Attains Goals
Description: A Carbonate. Forms as crystals and as films on other minerals. Also forms in masses often banded in different shades of green. Shades of green, with darker swirls of green.
Metaphysical Properties: For physical pain. Clears and activates all chakras. Assist one in making transformations. Aids one with insight to find disorders. Is an equalizing and balancing stone and revitalize all the bodies. Helps one to attain goals. Promotes fidelity and friendship. Promotes loyalty in business. Protects one while flying. Enhances psychic abilities. Repels evil, spirits, curses, hexes, venomous creatures, and accidents. Helps with sleep when worn at night. Removes subconscious blockages. Opens communication between people. Balances and heals all chakras. Excellent for seafarers, explorers, and pilots. Strengthens intuition. Sensitizes one to the voices of spirits. Wear a heart shaped malachite if you have been unlucky in love. When used with copper, malachite can attract love. Put a piece in the purse or wallet to attract love. Carry with you to sales and business meetings. Strengthens the heart and circulatory system as well as pineal and pituitary glands. Aids in tissue regeneration. Purifies the blood. Also has been used to help depression.
Healing Attributes: Physical pain. Asthma. Tumors. Arthritis. Swollen joints. Broken bones. Torn muscles. Enhances immune system. Birthing. Menstrual cramps. Toothache.
Corresponding astrological sign: Taurus

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