Description: An opaque iron black or gray black. Also known as Magnetite, because it is a natural magnet.
Metaphysical Properties: The ancient Chinese made compasses out of lodestone, as early as 2634bc. Helps with communication with sea mammals, especially whales and dolphins. Carry lodestone to attract a favorable verdict in any legal matter, or attract good luck with games of chance. Also said to draw in money, love, and good fortune in general. Rub it on the closed eyelids to attract a lover. Also used to draw back a wandering love, but don’t forget, you should never interfere with anothers free will!! Use to align and activate the chakras, for it can balance both the physical, and non-physical bodies. Excellent for use in any spell, where you want to attract something, from money, to love. Relieves pain and stiffness of joints when laid on them, or worn close to them. Hold at the temples, or base of scull to relieve headache.

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