Helps Adapt to Change / aids business
Description: A Silicate (Phyllosilicates, Mica Group). Six sided formations - pink to lilac in color. Fuses easily. Insoluble in acid. Industrially used as an ore of lithium. Pink through violet shades. Can be gray, yellow, or rich purple
Metaphysical Properties: Alleviates stress and despondency. Helps one during periods of transition. Allows for smooth change. Good for astral travel. Promote self-preservation. Aids business. Promotes honesty and openness. Used to locate energy blockages. A girding stone. Anti nightmare stone. Assist one in gardening activities and agriculture. Creates harmony and connectedness with the whole. Increases the desire to seek spirituality. Soothing to the nerves and emotions.
Healing Attributes: Stress. Wrinkles. Tight muscles. Nerves.
Corresponding astrological sign: Libra

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