Astral work / Protection /Accept responsibility
Description: A silicate (Tectosilicates). A variety of Chalcedony. Massive grained Quartz with admixed minerals, especially iron oxides. Variable colors. Shades of brown, grayish blue, red, yellow, green, and mixtures of these.
Metaphysical Properties: Provides protection. Helps one to ground. Provides stabilizing energies and helps one to accept responsibility. Aligns the energies of the chakras and balances yin and yang energies. Good for safe astral travel. Stabilize the aura. Balance the physical, emotional, mental and ethereal bodies. Cleanses and dispels negative energies. Used for dowsing. NB for people in hospital to promote recovery. Works on the chakras, according to the color of the stone. Drives away evil spirits, hallucinations, and nightmares. Can protect and ground. Helps you to keep your feet on the ground, and not get caught in a flood of emotions.
Healing Attributes: Internal organs. Nerves. Skin disorders. General recovery. Strengthens the liver and gall bladder, and is soothing to the stomach and nerves.
Corresponding astrological sign: Libra

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