The Mind /Endurance / Memory enhancement
Description: An oxide (Iron Oxide). Metallic black in color with red tints. It colors other minerals red e.g. Quartz. Dissolves when eaten in hydrochloric acid. Can be magnetized. A source of iron ore and used for red pigment. Opaque, dark iron gray stone, with a metallic luster. Shows a blood red color when sliced thin or powdered
Metaphysical Properties: Called the "Stone of them Mind". Use for mental attunement and memory enhancement. Promotes original thinking. Helps one realize that the only limits are the ones we place on ourselves. Balances yin and yang energies. Dissolves negativity. Aids finding inner space. Aids meditation. Promotes endurance and courage. Energizes the ethereal body, and helps to give optimism, will and courage. Will help in grounding, but only for certain people. Helps to obtain a favorable outcome in lawsuits and judgments. Can repel and dissolve negative energy, and is sometimes called the anti-stress stone. Strengthens all the bodies, and is good for focusing on passed lives. Increases the resistance to stress, as well as strengthening the blood and spleen. Used to draw illness out of the body, by placing it on the diseased part
Healing Attributes: Strengthens the heart. Anemia. Bone fractures. Blood disorders.
Corresponding astrological sign: Aries

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