May 22—June 20.
Planet: Mercury.
Metal: Mercury (Poison), Chrome
Age: Girl/Boyhood (7-14 yrs).
Cross: Mutable.
Element: Air.
Stones: Diamond, jade, agate, topaz.
Numbers: 5.
Day: Wednesday.
Season: Spring
Flowers and Herbs: Parsley, dill, hazel, fern, and iris.
Tree: Elder, filbert.
Color: White, yellow, silver, pale gray, red or blue.
Bird: Parrot, eagle, finches.
Body Area: Shoulders, chest, lungs.
Key Word: Communication.
Musical Tone: E
Description: The search for variety is the trademark of the Gemini, who is always thinking and looking. Maddeningly inconsistent; Gemini’s can argue one point of view one day, and the completely opposite view the next. They symbol that represents this sign embodies the essential split in its nature of always trying to view both sides of the coin at the same time. Gemini’s are true Jacks-of-all-trades, but unfortunately if their talents are spread too thin, they may not realize their dreams.
Gemini Oil: Use 2 tablespoons of any of the following herbs to 2 ounces oil. Steep one moon cycle or for 12- 24 hrs on low in a slow cooker. If stronger scent is desired, remove herbs and repeat. Crack in 2 vitamin E capsules if preservative is desired.
Herbs: Yellow rose, jasmine, bayberry, mastic resin, sandalwood, caraway seed, marjoram, parsley, gladiolus, orchid

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