Stone of health
Description: A group name of Silicates (Nesosilicates) - includes Pyrope (red), Almadine (dark red/brown) and Spessartite (orange).
Metaphysical Properties: Known as the "Stone of Health". Extracts negative energies from chakras and transmutes them into useful energies. Enhances creative powers. Promotes personal freedom. Aids commitment to others and projects. Aids regeneration. Provides s protective influence. Helps to balance the root chakra, but also stimulates the pituitary gland. Can connect with the energy of transformation, the garnet can regenerate and transmute, at the same time, it can lift depression and help keep the thoughts on a higher level. Works well with rose quartz. It purifies and regenerates all body systems, particularly the blood and heart.
Corresponding astrological sign: Capricorn

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