Druid's Wand

The Druids Wand can be used in divination when you have no specific question in mind, but want some idea of what is coming up in the next lunar month or twenty-eight days.
Making a Druid's Wand is simple. Cut a straight, twenty-five inches long and half an inch thick branch directly from a tree. (Don't forget to ask the tree's forgiveness and give it your thanks.) Take your branch home and clean it - peel off the bark, use some sandpaper on the rough spots and cut it down to twenty and four-fifths inches long (a Druid cubit).
Taking your Druid's Wand/branch, and using a ruler, mark off two-fifths of an inch on either end. One of these ends you will color black, and the other red. You can use either wood paints or suitable colored markers. This now leaves twenty inches of the wand blank. Again, using your ruler, divide these into twenty one-inch spaces making nineteen small circles around the circumference of the wand.
Your next task is to fill in the letters of the Coelbren of the Bards alphabet along the wand with black paint or marker. Start with the red end of the wand and letter your wand. You may choose to write the figures either horizontally or vertically along the wand.
When all of the figures are filled in, your wand is finished. You can apply a coat of sealing agent to the wand, if you wish, or you can leave it natural. It is recommended that you consecrate your completed wand before you use it. Since you will have to wait until before the next full moon to do this, you should wrap your wand in a piece of clean white cloth until that time.
After your wand is consecrated and ready to use, refer to A Witch’s Book of Divination for divination methods and interpretations.

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