Celtic Dieties
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Abarta - Path working with Abarta within the lines of this story can help us to understand the destructive nature of jealousy. Including Fionn in the tale can help us to know the value of teamwork and unity, attributes especially important if you often work within the fragile group dynamics of a coven.
Abelard - Call on Abelard for aid in magic for love, loyalty, or mental prowess. Couples, or other covens of two, will also find these two archetypes useful.
Accasbel - Cultivate Accasbel at Mabon to celebrate the vine harvest or at Beltane for the blessing of the mead.
Adammair - Ask for his aid in sex magic and stamina.
Addanc - Addanc can help you when you wish to erase an event, person or other memory from you mind. Allow his flood waters to wipe away unwanted thoughts providing a fresh start.
Adna - Invoke him to get your own creative juices flowing.
Aedan - This myth can teach us much about the passing of time, though its most potent archetypes are those of the main characters. Use Aedan and Ronan if you belong to a coven which role plays the sacrificial battles of Midsummer and Yule.
Aedh - Men who are uncomfortable working solely with a Triple Goddess might wish to try connecting with Aedh and his brothers, Cimbaeth and Dithorba. Women who feel ready to explore other aspects of their inner-selves might also benefit from this contact.
Aengus MacAedh - Aengus' energy lends itself well to healing and music magic.
Aengus MacLamh Gabuid - If you are low on self-esteem, invoke this God of arrogant verbosity to bolster yourself.
Aengus MacOg - Call on Aengus for music magic, aid in romantic love, protection of lovers, dream work, or creative inspiration.
Ai - Ai is an excellent source of energy for the making of music magic.
Ailill Duh-Dedach - Though he has no strong magical archetypes, his story can provide us with the reaffirmation that no one is invincible or perfect.
Aitherne - Call on Aitherne to help symbolically disarm your enemies.
Alian Barbe-Torte - Alain can teach us lessons about serving our country.
Alisanos - Fertility
Amaethaon - If you are seeking to improve your magical skills, try aligning yourself with Amaethaon. However, keep in mind that his story teaches, above all else, that one must handle magic responsibly.
Ambisagrus - Call on Ambisagrus for making weather magic. Also invoke him if you are seeking to imbue yourself with leadership qualities.
Amergin - Make wish-magic with Amergin, or invoke him when you face a writer's block or other creative impediments. Also ask his guidance in helping you choose a magical or craft name. This latter can be especially effective if you are male.
Anind - Anind represents the reborn sun God, and was probably honored at Yule or Imbolc, who would die only to be reborn again. Use him in your own seasonal rites or to uncover the secrets of your own past incarnations.
Anluan - Align with Anluan for his bravery and leadership qualities.
Arawen - Arawen can help you in picking magical names, in making magic for strengthening friendships, or in facilitating spirit contact. He also has attributes of reincarnation deities.
Arca Dubh - Divination. Call upon Aedh to shield you with Dubhghiolla for protection.
Art MacConn - Art means bear, a sacred totem animal of the Celts associated with strength and courage.
Arthur, King - Virtually an magical need can be aided by Arthur.
Avagdu - The moral to his myth is straightforward enough — There is more to everyone than can be told by mere physical appearance. Always look deeply into yourself and into others. Work with him to discover the hidden wisdom inside yourself.
Baile of the Honeyed Speech - Work with Baile when you need to think quickly and clearly, when you have to make a speech, promote an idea, verbally impress someone, or engage in any other mental activity, especially when it involves speaking. His energy is also compatible with love magic, protection for lovers, and for blessing of magical wands.
Balin - Through path working, Balin can teach you the proper use of the elemental weapons.
Balor - Call on Balor to protect you from your enemies — an "evil eye" protection. Also to know when it is time to step aside to allow others to lead.
Bealcu - Lessons of compassion and honor.
Bedwyr - Archetypally, Bedwyr is the catalyst by which the Wheel of the Year turns and the young God supplants the old.
Beli - Beli can help you seek knowledge of the Land of the Dead, help you to contact the spirits of those passed over, or purify your ritual sites. Call on him to help protect you from your enemies. Because of the association of Beli with the all-seeing eye, he can also aid you in astral projection or with past-life memory. Use his presence to enhance the Beltane or Samhain Sabbat festivities.
Black Knight, The - Evoke the Black Knight to help you seek your own shadows.
Bladud - Bladud can be invoked for protection, gaining employment, or other endeavors governed by the sun.
Borvo - Healing
Bov the Red - Evoke him for faery contact, or as an aid in general magic.
Bran - Protection, divination, service to country, perhaps a God of the waning year.
Breasal - Help with naming, spirit contact, guidance and protection for travelers and explorers.
Bres - Without using magic, you can allow him to teach you lessons of compassion, and the ugly result of power hunger.
Brian Boru, King - Call on Brian for developing your warrior skills, for protection overcoming an enemy, for acquiring leadership skills, or for showing you the best way to serve your country.
Britan - Evoke him for the ritual of name giving.
Buic - Prosperity spells.
Bwlch - Aid in the selection and blessing of magical tools.
Cadog the Wise - Call on Cadog to help settle disputes or when you wish to work with animals.
Cadwallon, King - Call upon Cadwallon's power to unite scattered forces.
Cairbre, Son of Etan - Music spells.
Calatin - General magical assistance.
Camulos - Call on Camulos to help you when searching for Pagan lore amongst folk songs and nursery rhymes, or for overcoming enemies and protection.
Cano - Cultivate Cano for love magic, and the strength to keep a guise.
Caradoc - Divination, wisdom.
Caswallawy - Leadership, and aid in serving one's country.
Cathbad - Use his aid for great divinations, but avoid using them to gain power over others as he did.
Cernunnos - Hunt, woodland, fertility, magic, sacrifice, and animals.
Cian - Love magic.
Clust - Invoke Clust if your clairaudience (psychic hearing) needs a boost.
Coll - Call on Cool to make love magic, to inspire yourself and others, as a general aid to magic, and invoke him to help you learn the art of astral projection.
Conaire the Great - Learn from him the importance of the keeping of a guise, and honor vow of great importance in Celtic mythology.
Conall of the Victories - Call on Conall to offer you protection, to overcome enemies, or to discover the masculine power within yourself.
Conchobar MacNessa - Call on Conchobar to shield you with Ochain for protection. While not relating directly to magical practice, we can easily glean the didactic meaning of this myth: that the keeping of one's word is important, and that one cannot force their will upon others without having it eventually backfire.
Condatis - Water magic, a deity to be honored at the in-between times.
Connla Cainbhrethach - Ask Connla to share with you his wisdom; invoke him to help you see past-lives.
Conomor, King - Knowing when to step down, knowing place in ritual, knowing the responsibility of accepting leadership. Call his spirit to function as a sacrificial God at Samhain rites.
Cormac MacArt - Leadership, magic for dogs, and perseverance.
Craftiny - Call on the energy of Craftiny to help you make musical spells and to heal throat ailments whether they are physical or psychological in nature.
Credne - Call on Credne for knowledge of self-defense, inspiration for you artistic endeavors, or for blessing your magical tools.
Cromm Cruaich - Call on Cromm for successful harvest, evoke his presence during the dark festivals. His image as a death God makes his energy compatible with Passing Over rituals and Otherworld contact.
Cuchulain - Cuchulain can be invoked to teach you where your own masculine power lies. He can also help you find stamina, perseverance, strength, and guide you in overcoming enemies. He was the only one of the Red Branch warriors impervious to Macha's curse, and his energy can evoked to aid in spells designed to ward off negative energy from others.
Culhwch - Perseverance, love magic, couple's work.
Cumhal - Leadership skills.
Cunedda - men who wish to work with a triplicate, and are not as yet comfortable invoking the feminine Triple Goddess, might wish to experiment with the energy of Cunedda and his sons.
Cymon - Cymon set out to find an unnecessary battle and was told by the faery that if it was trouble he sought, he should find it with the Black Knight or it did not exiSt. Though he can provide little in the way of ritual energy, we can allow ourselves to learn from Cymon's foolish mistake.
Cythrawl - Call upon this very powerful divine force when you wish to banish something from your life. This "destructive" magic can have just as much of a positive, harmless effect as so-called "positive magic." You can also merge with his energy when you wish to be reincarnated with a loved one.
Dagda, The - You can use Dagda's energies for almost any purpose you might need. Call on him for wisdom, for magic for animals, for warrior skills, to aid children, for fertility or protection, to make music spells, to assist faery contact, for elemental magic, or to increase mental prowess.
Degad - Call on him for his skills in leadership, overcoming enemies, or for strengthening family ties.
Dhonn - Spirit contact, past-life memory.
Diancecht - Call on Diancecht for healing minor illnesses and treating sick animals. He can also remind us of the evils of jealousy rather than cooperation. However, his energy is a good one to draw upon for banishing negative influences.
Diarmuid - Go on an inner-journey as Diarmuid to determine how strong the bonds of your romantic attachments really are. Could you make a promise to leave your love alone forever even at the cost of your life? He can also give us strength for keeping a guise.
Dispater - As a father God he can aid in fertility magic, and in magic in general. If you follow a Gaulish Celtic tradition, include him in your ancestor rites.
Diwrnach the Gael - Prosperity.
Drutwas - Such stories, as these are not uncommon in Celtic Folklore. They point up the high price, which is always paid for the wrong use of magic, and clearly illustrate the Threefold Law in action. Pathwork with Dwutwas to discover healthier and better ways of handling negative emotions.
Dunatis - Evoke Dunatis to protect your own sacred spaces and hiding places during rituals.
Dwyvan - Call on Dwyvach not only for perseverance and stamina, but think of him as one half of creation, needing his consort (Dwyfach) to complete magic. Call upon them when working as a couple in ritual or spellwork or for sex magic.
Dylan - Call on Dylan for water magic or to help contact sea faeries.
Easal - Prosperity.
Efflam - Evoke him to enact this battle at Yule or Midsummer.
Elathan - Evoke his presence to bring peace, and connect with his energy for overcoming prejudice and gossip, a difficult feat since prejudice against other tribes was actually valued by the Celts as with most early societies.
Elffin - This story is complex; on the surface it seems to be reminding one to stay humble, yet Elffin was not permanently punished for his bragging, a talent valued by some cultures. The deeper meaning seems to be the old adage that good deeds will be rewarded. Evoke Elffin to teach you to love and care for your own children, to see them as your wealth.
Eliduc - Pathwork with Eliduc to study the risks of indecision and of lying to others for our own selfish purposes. Also work with Guildeluec for her qualities of compassion and unconditional love.
Eochaid, King - Archetypally the story of Edain is about death and rebirth, and Eochaid represents the living force of love that compels her to return to the living. Work with him to forge eternal bonds with your own loved ones.
Eoghan - Protection.
Epos Olloatir - Horse deities are linked to the night and to dream magic. Call upon Epos when you wish to work with dreams as a magic tool.
Essus - Call on Essus for fertility and harvest rites. Evoke him with rituals designed to facilitate spirit contact or to bind yourself to passed over loved ones with whom you wish to reincarnate.
Evnissyen - Learn from Evnissyen the value of self-sacrifice and for learning lessons about the acceptance of responsibility.
Fachtna - Cultivate him for sex magic and as a general aid to spellwork.
Feargal - Evoke him and Fiongalla for Yule or Imbolc rituals.
Feinius - Invoke Feinius to learn his wisdom, and call on his magical powers to boost all your spells.
Fer Gruadh - Invoke or evoke Fer Gruadh to aid in any spell, especially binding or staying spells.
Ferdia - Use Ferdia's energy for overcoming enemies and for learning lessons of loyalty.
Fergus - Invoke Fergus to contribute to your sexual stamina, or to be a part of any sex magic practices.
Fergus the Great - Invoke Fergus into the body of your own High Priest or Priestess to aid him or her during her tenure as your leader.
Fergus MacLeda - Though Fergus is not a potent archetype, his folktale has much to teach about dealing with the faery kingdom.
Fergus MacRoi - Teacher, love magic, wisdom, keeping of guise.
Fiacha - Call upon Fiacha for overcoming enemies, to find or consecrate magical tools, or for invoking loyalty.
Figol MacMamos - Summon Figol for learning patience and for assistance with all magic, especially staying spells.
Finegas - Invoke the essence of Finegas when you must be the teacher, to use your native wisdom to fullest capacity, to gain compassion, or to increase mental prowess. Call him to help you find the Salmon in your inner-journeys.
Fintaan - Use Fintaan's energy to gain knowledge, wisdom, and endurance skills. Invoke his wit when your survival is at stake.
Finvarra - Call on the spirit of Finvarra to assist you in all competitions, for increasing mental prowess, and for aid in faery contact.
Fionn MacCumhal - Wisdom, overcoming enemies, creation, protection, knowledge, and divination.
Fisher King, The - Fertility, knowledge, and prosperity.
Froach - Perseverance and courage. Also Couples and sex magic with Findabar's energies.
Gabaigline - Divination
Gadel - Call on his energy for effective communication and for overcoming communicative barriers.
Galahad, Sir - Seasonal rites.
Garient - Call on Garient for couples and sex magic, and for love spells.
Garlon - Learning astral projection.
Gawain, Sir - Use Gawain's energy for protection, sex magic, and for guidance towards spirituality as and he can help clear away the murky clouds for the sincere seeker. Evoke his aid for the male role in the Great Rite, for that was what the reunion of Grail and lance symbolized. Pathwork with him to learn to overcome spiritual obstacles. He can also help you think clearly.
Gebann - Invoke him to enhance personal appearance, for making mirror magic, and for learning lessons in time manipulation.
Giona Maclugha - Pathwork this story to learn to rule wisely.
Glewlwyd of the Mighty Grasp - Evoke his guardianship during circle rites.
Goibniu - Creativity, magic, crafting, protection, blessing and making of mead or magical tools.
Goidel - Communication skills, creativity, or courage when public speaking. Invoke him to get all to speak truth in gatherings.
Goll MacMorna - Call on Goll to help you see through illusion, for protection, courage, and to help you out of dangerous or uncertain situations.
Grannos - Purification, harvest, or healing.
Green Knight, The - The Green Knight teaches us that many challenges will come our way and that we must not fear them nor flee. They must be undertaken in order to move onward. The fact that the Green Knight lives through these encounters underscores that these are but natural events in the cycles of time.
Green Man, The - Eco-magic, fertility, male mysteries, and masculine power.
Gronw Pebyr - Seasonal rites, love magic.
Gruffyddap Llywelyn - Evoke his spirit — which has taken divine proportions — to unite your working groups.
Guaire - Protection.
Gugemar - Use Gugemar in loyalty, love, couples magic.
Guingamor - Guingamor can teach us several things. One, that one must use caution when dealing with faeries, obey the rules of the Otherworld, and that when approached properly, there are good things to always come from bad. Since he knows all the pitfalls of human-faery relationship, he can help protect you from them.
Gwalchmei - Peace magic. Invoke him when you are called upon to settle disputes.
Gwawl Ap Clud - Experiment with how the energies of Gwawl relate to solar-influenced magic.
Gwion Bach - General magic, wisdom, and past-life explorations.
Gwrhry - Call upon him for mental prowess or for communication needs which further understanding or seek to avoid misunderstandings.
Gwyddion - Cultivate Gwyddion for making music spells and general magic, and to gain mental acuity.
Gwyddno - Water magic.
Gwyn Ap Nuad - Spirit contact, strength, Passing Over rituals, and seasonal rites. Pathwork with Gwyn's archetype to venture into the Otherworld.
Gwyngelli - Call on him for working with totem animals, finding a familiar, or making magic for animals.
Gwyrthur Ap Gwreidawl - Seasonal rites.
Heilyn Ap Gwynn - While he has little archetypal function, he can teach us about curiosity, when it is right and when it is wrong.
Herve the Blind - Evoke Herve for making magic for animals, fro aiding you in communicating with them, and for assistance in securing a familiar.
Holly King and Oak King - Bring them to your circle to enact their semiannual battle.
Hu the Mighty - Call on Hu to gain personal strength, for helping to honor ancestors, for fertility of the land, and for casting music spells. Hu man also be viewed as a "father" earth God, and you might wish to experiment with this aspect of this energy.
Ialonus - Fertility. Evoke his spirit to give life to your own gardens.
Ian the Fisherman's Son - Though this tale is long and strong, Ian is not a potent archetype on his own. However, path working through his story may teach us the importance of compassion and teamwork.
Ian Og MacCrimmons - Music magic and faery contact.
Id - Loyalty and friendship.
Idath - Fertility magic.
Idris the Giant - Call on Idris to help you time magic, for interpreting astrological charts, or invoke him before performing stellar divinations.
Ilberg - Faery contact.
Iouenn - Iouenn's tale compares with the Judeo-Christen myth about Abraham, whose patron also demanded a display of allegiance by sacrifice. Some argue that the real meaning of the story is to question divine demands, others say it is one of unquestioning obedience. In any case, the rewards of keeping one’s promises is the principal lesson of this story, as are the qualities of patience and compassion.
Irgalach - Compassion, wisdom, and the needs of teachers.
Iubdan of the Faylinn - Faery contact, and lessons in safely and smartly dealing with the faery world.
Iuchar, Icharba and Brian - Because they took responsibility for their actions in the death of Cian, and fulfilled their epic (honor quest), they teach us lessons of responsibility that we must accept in ord4er to live by the Pagan Rede.
Jud-Hael, King - Jud-Hael can teach us wisdom, and help us to know where to turn in time of need.
Kai - Fire magic and Midsummer rituals.
Laeg - When you work with Laeg, think of the words fidelity, loyalty, friendship, healing, and far memory. All of these were well within his energy grasp. Ask him to teach you to heal, to strengthen a friendship, and to maintain loyalty. Call upon his presence at Passing Over rituals so that he might help keep and spread the memory of your loved one.
Lairgnen - Though there is no magical archetype to latch onto, this myth can teach us a lesson about consequences of selfish, manipulative magic.
Lancelot, Sir - Overcoming enemies, love magic.
Laustic Le Rossignol - Awaken the powers of this hero for the magic of loyalty, and for finding a true love which cares more for other's welfare than for self. He is also a bard whose energy is compatible with music magic and creative endeavors.
Len of the Many Hammers - Smithing deities have always had a special status connected to creative magic. Goldsmiths in particular linked to the sun and element of the fire. The rainbows symbolize a far-reaching spirituality.
Leucetios - Weather magic.
Liagin - Liagin's attributes may not only have been those of an athlete, but of and expert at astral projection. Cultivate him for both needs.
Llasar Llaesgyfnewid - Llasar's energy can give you he strength to continue in whatever battles in which you are embroiled. He can also teach you about past-lives and help with creative magic.
Llevelys - Invoke Llevelys for creative problem-solving.
Llew - Seasonal rituals.
Llewellyn - Llewellyn can be called upon to help us think clearly in tough situations, and also to help us learn how best to deal with the capricious world of faery.
Llewellyn, Prince - There is an old Welsh proverb that says, "Before the revenge, first know the cause." Call upon Prince Llewellyn to help you learn lessons of justice and fairness, for it is said he will lament his actions for all time
Llud - Call on him as a temporary Guardian of you space or person, for overcoming enemies, or when in need of creative wisdom.
Lludd - Summon Lludd for qualities of leadership or wisdom, to assist with spirit contact, or for Passing Over rituals.
Llyr - Water magic, contacting sea faeries.
Luchtain - Call on Luchtain for the give of creativity, for making spirit contact, or for an added boost of energy for the making of your own magical tools.
Luduenn - While there are many powerful archetypes to explore in this story, including that of the sleeping Princess, we can build on this foundation to discover other hidden Pagan tales disguised as modern fairy tales with patriarchal morals attached.
Lugaid Riab nDerg - Lugaid can be worked with as a masculine representation of triplicate. Males who are as yet uncomfortable aligning themselves solely with a Triple Goddess may wish to work with Lugaid instead.
Lugh - Invoke and evoke at Lughnasadh to honor him at the harveSt. Call on him when you need any powers associated with the sun such as money, strength, or energy. Evoke his aid for new beginnings, especially business ventures, and for protection. Most any magical need can be well assisted by Lugh.
Luinge Fer Tri - Pathwork with him to learn the lessons of compassion rewarded.
Mabon - Mabon can be called on to aid in your most any endeavor. He can be part of seasonal celebrations and can assist in fertility rites. As a God of the hunt, he is in his death God role, a metaphor for taking souls to the Other world, and he can aid in spirit contact. Honor him at the grape harvest and at his Sabbat of Mabon.
MacBeth - Pathwork with MacBeth for learning right use of will, force, and magic. The consequences of our actions is a strong lesson in the threefold law.
MacCecht - Fertility magic for crops, protection magic.
MacCuill - Water magic.
Mac Da Tho - Invoke Mac Da Tho for his qualities of sound wisdom, judgment, and peace magic.
MacGreine - Call on MacGreine for all the attributes of sun deities, particularly prosperity.
MacKay - Invoke him to make faery contact and to gain the powers attributed to the sun.
Mael Duin - Mael Duin is first of all a symbolic bridge to the Otherworld and to the faery and elemental kingdoms, as well as being a master storyteller and protector of travelers. His story can teach us how to blend and use the energies of the elements. Pathworking with his many adventures can be very illuminating and exciting. Women, too, should not hesitate to take these inner-world journeys in his guise.
Manann - Call on Manann to help erase someone from your memory, to learn astral projection, for environmental or elemental magic, for protection, especially when at sea or from faeries. Merge with him for water spells or weather magic.
Mandred - Call on this primal divine energy - which is really neither male nor female - to aid in all magical and ritual endeavors.
Maol - Call Maol to your circle to teach you the secrets of Druidic magic, and as a boost to all your spells.
Maon the Dumb - Cultivate Maon for the powers of leadership and for overcoming enemies. On other levels he can teach us the power of silence.
Mark the Good, King - Prosperity.
Math Ap Mathonwy - Call on Math to aid you in magic, to guide you as a teacher, and for understanding of the origins of power. Math's energy is one of the best with which to work towards personal prosperity.
Matholwch, King - Exploring past and future lives.
Mathonwy - General aid in prosperity spells and magic, and assistance in the honoring of ancestors. Also evoke his image at his death at Samhain and his rebirth at Yule or Imbolc, whichever of these two your tradition acknowledges as the rebirth of the sun God.
Melwas - Call on him to aid you in making spirit contact and in assisting in Passing Over rituals.
Merlin - There is almost no task in which Merlin cannot aid you. In one myth or another his powers cover the vast range of human need and desire. He is also an excellent temporal guardian of your sacred spaces.
Mervyn - Mervyn teaches us that loyalty and compassion have their rewards and that irresponsibility eventually destroys. Call on him to help you discover your own compassion and to strengthen your loyalties to those you serve.
Mesgegra, King - Divination and overcoming enemies.
Miach - Call on Miach for powerful healing, for inspiration, and for honing your craftsman's skills. If you work as a couple, invoke Miach and Airmid for an unbeatable union of the healing powers.
Midhir, King - Faery contact and prosperity spells.
Milesius - Leadership.
Miller of Lak De Leguer, The - Summon the miller for loyalty, patience, perseverance, compassion, and overcoming fear.
Moccus - A guardian of sacred spaces.
Modred - Seasonal rites.
Mog Ruith - Convene with Mongan to aid you in magic of all types, especially when working with the water element, also for assisting in sea faery contact.
Morann - Invoke Morann when you have to mediate a dispute, sit in judgment, or when you need an extra dose of wisdom.
Morca - Overcoming enemies, banishing magic.
Morfan - Just like wild animals puff themselves up to appear as more than they are in the face of danger, you can invoke Morfan to accomplish the same thing.
Morvan Lez-Breize - He is an archetypal sleeping God who can teach us about patience, perseverance, keeping of a guise, and the serving of country.
Muinremuir - Call on him for overcoming enemies, wisdom.
Mullo - Call on him to protect you as you drive to and from work, or if you drive for a living you might wish to adopt him as your personal deity. His energy is also compatible for the protection of travelers and for work animals.
Naoise - evoke Naoise for making love magic, or for rites of loyalty. Work with him and Deirdre for couples or sex magic.
Nar Thuathcaech and Ochall Ochne - Protection of sacred space and exploration of past-lives, particularly where they involve unresolved quarrels.
Nechtan - Water magic, purification rites.
Neit - Fertility rites.
Nemglan - Call on this Otherworld God to aid you in divination, fertility, or for initiating spirit contact. Make offerings to him through the hungry birds in your own backyard.
Nera - Faery contact.
Niall of the Nine Hostages - Leadership and secrets of divination.
Nissyen - Call on Nissyen for peace rituals.
Nola - Cultivate Nola for loyalty, spirit contact, love magic, and for couple's work.
Nomenoe - Cultivate him to help release old prejudices, fears, etc. Also for purification rites, overcoming enemies, and for strength in serving your country or another organization about which you care deeply.
N'Oun Doare - He can help you find tools which will serve you well, and maybe teach you how to avoid traps of greed, a lesson he learned the hard way. Also lessons of responsibility and reaping the proverbial rewards of good deeds.
Nuada - Call on him to assist you in all your magical efforts.
Nuada of the Silver Hand - Overcoming obstacles, perseverance, and leadership.
Nudons - Eco-magic, water magic.
Nynniaw and Peibaw - Pathwork with this pair to learn lessons of self-responsibility and the need for overcoming prejudices. Think of their story as an example of the Threefold Law in action.
O'Carolan - Call upon the spirit of this great bard to help you in magic, music magic, faery contact, or gaining mental prowess.
Oghma - Call on Oghma to gain wisdom, creative inspiration, overcoming writer's block, aiding communication, or if you wish to be touched with the blessing of blarney without having to travel to Ireland to kiss the Blarney Stone. His energy is also compatible with Passing Over rituals and spirit contact.
Ogyrvran - Call on Ogyrvran for a role in Passing Over rituals or for making spirit contact. His powers are greatest near Samhain.
Ol - Invoke Ol to help you find lost objects, persons, or pets.
Oscar and Fionn - Protection, leadership, and courage.
Ossian - Call on Ossian to enhance creativity, overcoming fear, and assisting in spirit contact. Ossian maintained a demonstrative love for animals all his life, and he can be called on to work magic for animals, especially healing rituals.
Owain - Protection. You might also wish to experiment with his father God energies.
Owen - See King Arthur for a full discussion of Owen's attributes.
Partholan - Pathwork with Partholan to teach you the valuable lesson of learning to accept responsibility for your own actions.
Percival, Sir - Align with Percival to become a keeper of the grail and seek its mysteries.
Pryderi - Call on Pryderi for lessons in loyalty, or draw him into you as you set out on your own quests.
Pwyll - Call on Pwyll to draw into yourself the positive qualities of justice, fraternal love, the keeping of a guise, and loyalty. He can also aid you in making spirit contact with the Otherworld.
Rhonabwy - Invoke Rhonabwy before you go to sleep to induce your own prophetic dreams.
Rob Roy MacGregor - Pathwork with Rob for knowing when to fight and when not to, and for strength and assistance when you must.
Robin Ddu - "reality" is a word not well defined, as Robin's story shows us. His tale teaches us the lesson that magic comes in many forms, principally through what is believed to be real by ourselves, and others around us. Cultivate him to help you use your logic and to remind you that all acts of magic require our physical efforts as well in order to manifest.
Roc - Use Roc's energy to help overcome enemies and as a general aid to magic, especially when using wands.
Rohand - Loyalty.
Ross the Red - Call upon the potent Force of Ross to aid in you in forming organizations, protecting yourself, overcoming your enemies, and discovering the hidden strengths within your own family.
Ruadh - Pathwork through Ruadh's myth for personal adventure.
Rudraidhe - Use the power of Rudraidhe for making new starts or for invoking leadership skills.
Salomon - Overcoming enemies and protection.
Samalitiath - Call on the spirit of Samalitiath to celebrate the wonders of mead, ale, wine, Irish whiskey, or any other Irish potables. Evoke him during the Great Rite, or whenever drink is used as part of the ritual. Honor him at the Mabon Grape harvest.
Sandda - Invoke Sandda when you feel the need to increase your own protective aura.
Seithynin - Allow Seithynin's myth to remind you that the consequences of our actions often have greater significance than we might at first realize.
Semion - Honor Semion as a father deity, and call upon him for all types of creative magic or to aid in male fertility rites and spells.
Sgilti - Ask Sgilti's aid in learning astral projection, for which his fast running skills are a metaphor.
Shoney - Experiment with Shoney's energies as a sea God, and call upon him to aid you in water faery contact.
Sion, Llewellyn - Sion can help you get your own creative energy flowing and help open the doors to sacred knowledge.
Sithehenn - Divination, fire magic, blessing and creation of magical tools.
Slaine - Experiment with his energies in healing rituals.
Somhlth - Invoke his energy to enhance your own masculine powers.
Suibhne - Peace and eco-magic.
Talhaiarh - Use Talhaiarn's energies as an aid to your own magical spells.
Taliesin - Call on Taliesin for knowledge and mental prowess because he was born as a result of it. He can also teach you to know your own value without resorting to arrogance. Also compatible with his energy are past-life knowledge, creative inspiration, making music magic, and help in understanding non-linear time. Taliesin is also a archetypal guardian of tradition. If your Celtic path 8is a secretive one, have him present as you initiate your members to secrecy. Call on him to help them keep their vows.
Tannus - Call upon Tannus for seasonal rites because of his association with the wheel of the year. Invoke him when working weather magic or fertility spells.
Tethra - Call on Tethra at the seaside (which can, of course, be visited astrally) and call him to you to aid in water magic or to aid you in contacting faeries of the sea. His energy is also compatible with weather magic at sea or near water.
Teutates - Invoke Teutates before a delicate business deal, or when contemplating making a major purchase. Use his energy for your own crafting projects, and draw his energy into travel talismans and amulets. Since he is so strongly connected to mercury, a God of communication, ask Teutates to lend his energy to communicative needs.
Teyrnon - Call on Teyrnon for fertility rites, and pair him with Epona for couples or sex magic. He can also be evoked as a guardian of your sacred sites. Work with his energy at Beltane or for enacting the Great Rite.
Tigernmas, King - Call on him for making music magic or for inspiration in the crafting arts.
Tristan - Call on Tristan in couple and sex magic, in making love magic, finding the skills of a warrior, or in working music magic.
Tuan MacCarell - Ask Tuan to aid you in learning about past-lives and shape shifting. Invoke him when working spells for animals, for eco-magic, or evoke at Samhain as a sacrificial deity.
Twrch Trwyth - Archetypally, the boar is a symbol of potency, plenty, and male power. Evoke the image of Twrch for magic related to these matters.
Uar the Cruel, The sons of - See the Morrigan for a full discussion of their attributes.
Uath MacImoman - Evoke the presence of Uath when faced with a decision, challenge, or are in need of wisdom.
Ugainy the Great, King - Invoke Ugainy for the qualities of wisdom and leadership
Urien - Archetypally, Urien is a sacrificial deity associated with Samhain.
Uther Pendragon - Uther's story follows a fine old tradition of older men who must die so that their sons (archetypally separate aspects of themselves) may take over.
Wandil - Evoke Wandil at Ostara or Beltane before you rituals, then banish him to know that spring has truly arrived. Cultivate him for making winter weather magic.
Wayland the Smith - Wayland can help you find creative ways to overcoming enemies. Leave money for him and ask him to add his blessing and strengthening of magical tools. He can also teach us patience. He also had the power to restore lost limbs, and can be called upon to help strengthen arms and legs which have undergone trauma.
Wizard of Reay, The - Warning for teachers: teach only when student is ready, and learn to guard secrets carefully when need be.
Ysbadadden - Use Ysbadadden to help you know when to step aside, and that strength and size are not everything and cannot gain one everything. He can also play a role in seasonal rites when it is time for the old God to die.


Achall - Summon Achall's presence during Passing Over rituals, align with her to understand the support of familial love and devotion, to strengthen your own sibling bonds, or to help you overcome negative feelings associated with dysfunctional family life.
Achtan - Achtan can teach us about the strength off mother love and help us to have the perseverance to seek the best for our children.
Achtland - Invoke her for sex magic or for taking the female role in the Great Rite.
Adsullata - Call on this lady for purification rites, and for all manner of magic relating to solar energies.
Aerten - Work with Aerten to overcome your enemies and to make peace.
Aeval - Call on Aeval to aid you in spells of lust, sex magic and wisdom in making judgments.
Aibell - Cultivate Aibell for protection and for aid in making music magic. Her energies are also compatible with earth magic and eco-magic.
Aibheaog - Use the energy of this Goddess for spells of healing or for Midsummer well rituals popular within some Celtic traditions.
Aidin - Love spells.
Aife - Call on Aife for protection, for general knowledge, or for aid in teaching. Through path working, she can also help teach us lessons of the Threefold Law.
Aige - Call on her to help ground negativity or to work banishing or staying spells.
Ailbe - Ailbe can help strengthen your mental prowess. Call on her before tests or other events that need brain work. She can also aid you in overcoming obstacles and bestow the gift of blarney, the cherished Irish art of glib gab.
Aille - merge with Aille when you need to think up a clever way to thwart an enemy, or to teach you to temper your need for revenge.
Ailinn - Call upon Ailinn to make love magic or to bless your own magical wands. If you feel your romance is being threatened, she is also used efficaciously as a protector of lovers.
Ain and Iaine - Unite with these energies to protect your family, land, and/or property.
Aine - Aine is a protector of women and a ruler of the faeries known as the Dinnshenchas (either named for or the namesake of the famous Irish mythology book). She can also be called upon for midsummer rites, as a protector of animals and environment, and for aid in keeping promises. Aine can also aid in banishing spells or any magic ruled by the sun.
Airmid - Call on Airmid for general aid in magic, for healing, learning herbalism, or understanding family loyalty. She can also inspire craftspeople.
Amerach - Agelessness in Celtic myth is often a metaphor for time manipulation, a shamanic art. Call on Amerach's energies to teach you to put aside your perceptions of linear time and peer through the veil to other worlds.
Andraste - Overcoming enemies.
Anu - Call on Anu for fertility magic.
Ardwinna - Use Ardwinna's energy when making magic for animals or to aid you in finding a familiar.
Argante - Healing magic and ritual.
Ariadne - Assistance in protection rites, manifestation magic, and learning the art of time manipulation.
Arianrhod - Arianrhod can be invoked to help females find their own feminine power. She can also assist you with spirit contact, sex and fertility magic, and past-life knowledge. Because her myths are linked with jumping the broom, an event that is part of Pagan marriage, she can be called upon to bless Hand-fasting rites.
Artio - Call upon Artio for fertility spells, animal magic, and personal strength and courage. Align with her if the bear is one of your personal totem animals or familiars. The word "art" in her name means bear, a sacred totem animal of the Celts associated with strength and courage.
Badb - Call on Badb at Samhain to aid you with spirit contact and to learn about past-lives. Through divination she can tell you your time of death if you really wish to know.
Ban-Chuideachaidh Moire - Call upon her to aid in childbirth.
Banbha - Bahbha can enhance qualities of leadership, teach us to keep memories alive, and bless earth magic. As a magician she can aid in all spell work.
Bean Naomha - Bean Naomha could possibly be helpful in divination, but could be difficult Bebo - Though Bebo is not a well-known mythic figure, her archetype as the bringer of abundance is a very strong one. Ask her aid in prosperity or fertility rites, invoke her for sex magic rituals, use her to bless animal, crop, or human reproduction. Honor her at the harvest Sabbats.
Becuma - Let Becuma teach you lessons about unnecessary jealousy, and use her energies as you would any Goddess of sovereignty.
Becuna - Evoke Becuna's presence at Samhain when her power as crone is strongeSt.
Bellah Postil - Bellah can aid you in love magic and astral projection, the latter being a synonym for her traveling by staff. Invoking her is the best way to enlist her help for astral travel.
Berecyntia - Elemental earth magic, fertility.
Biddy Early - Biddy's bottle archetypal represents the loss of feminine power and the suppression of the magical life in general. She can be a great aid in all forms of magic. Invoker her when you study pagan subjects, or when attempting to reclaim lost pagan arts and legends.
Biddy Mamionn - Healing, aid in childbirth.
Blai - Aid in faery contact.
Blathnat - The triplicate of the three cows, images of abundance, linked to the cauldron, clearly tie Blathnat to the energies of fertility.
Blodeuwedd - Blodeuwedd can teach us that we must always be responsible for our actions and that that which we seek will cost us. Perhaps she learned this lesson as we now view the owl as a wise old bird.
Bo Find - Call on her to ward off hunger, or to bring prosperity and fertility especially if you breed or raise animals. Honor her at Mabon.
Boadicea of the Inceni - Ask her aid in overcoming enemies, for help in choosing your own totem animals, or align with her to aid you in your rebellions.
Boann - Ask Boann's aid in fertility rituals, water magic, and she also can teach us when it is worth it to take chances.
Branwyn - Ask Branwyn's help with water magic, love spells, and sex magic.
Bri - Aid in making faery contact.
Brid - Brid can aid you in virtually any endeavor you wish to undertake. Call on her for assistance in fire magic, crafting, inspiration, animal magic, fertility, healing, and childbirth. Honor her at Imbolc.
Bronach - Reclaim this Samhain Goddess at your own seasonal rites.
Caer Ibormeith - Call on Caer to aid you in dram work, prophetic dreaming, aid in falling asleep, and music magic.
Cailleach, The (The Crone)- Call on this Samhain Goddess for seasonal rites, wisdom and weather magic. Do not fear working with her. Some say it is best to leave alone this dark aspect of divinity, but be assured there is nothing to fear. We must learn to love her and work with her as much as with the virgin or mother aspects in order to be whole. Treat her with the respect her age and wisdom have earned.
Caireen - Evoke her presence to assist in protective spells for children.
Cally Berry - Call on Cally Berry for magic for animals or for eco-magic.
Canola - Canola can aid us with music magic and dream work, and in gaining and giving creative inspiration.
Caolainn - Caolainn serves as a magical reminder - be careful what you wish for or you just might get it. She may also have some connection to healing powers. She is also a mother and Carman - Invite Carman to share in you harvest rittes and to aid you in magic for decrease.
Carravogue - Call on Carravogue for seasonal rites and to help teach you self-responsibility. Keep in mind the snake image of her that links her to reincarnation and earth Goddesses.
Cartimandua - Feminine power, overcoming enemies, serving country. The horse image links her to the realm of night and dream magic.
Cathubodia - Experiment with the two diverse forces attributed to Cathubodia to try to reclaim her original power.
Cebha of the White Skin - Seasonal rites.
Cebhfhionn - Astrally petition her for admission to the healing Well's side. She is also useful in rituals for the inspiration of self or for enhancing your mental powers.
Cerridwen - Cerridwen is at home during harvest rites, in all spells for wisdom and knowledge, and at waning moon festivals. She can also help teach us about past lives and aid in divination.
Cessair - Cultivate Cessair for her powers of strength, perseverance, leadership, and foresight. Honor her as a deity of new beginnings.
Cethlion - Ask Cethlion to aid you in divination.
Cliondna - Ask Cliodna's aid in spirit contact, especially as she is said to still teach us an appreciation for life, a direct contrast to what modern societies teach us that to live is only a bitter pill to take before we go forever to Heaven. Invoke her to enhance personal appearance or to aid you in water magic.
Clota - Water magic.
Coinchend - Spirit contact.
Condwiramur - Women can align with Condwiramur to discover their own feminine power, and males can utilize her energy to help them discover the ancient Grail mysteries.
Corchen - Reclaim her image by asking her to assist you in uncovering your past-lives, or for making earth magic.
Corra - Aid in divination.
Coventina - As a Goddess of the watershed she has thee energy associated with the ebb and flow of time, with new beginnings, live cycles, and making wishes. She can also be asked to aid in magic for the protection of birds, divination, and for inspiration of self.
Cred - Cred can help us with love magic, teach us about searching for the perfect mate, keeping secrets, and she can aid us in making spirit contact from her Otherworld home.
Creiddylad - This strong-willed woman can imbue us with the courage to stand up for ourselves and our rights and wants. Invoke her for strength of will.
Creirwy - Invoke her to boost your self-esteem and to aid in personal appearance.
Cyhiraeth - Evoke her presence for Passing Over rituals, aid in faery contact, or for water magic, especially when the goal is some type of inner-transformation.
Cymidei Cyminfoll - Cymidei's energy can give you the strength to continue in whatever battles in which you are embroiled. She can also teach you about past lives and help with creative magic.
Dahud-Ahes - Duhud can teach us to have responsible pleasure without guilt. When persecution strikes, call on her for courage to maintain your Pagan lifestyle and fight for the right to practice it openly as you please. Summon her presence to aid with water magic, sex magic, or sea faery contact.
Dana - Dana's very powerful presence can aid you in achieving anything you desire. She is especially strong in her association to motherhood, fire, crafting, fertility, manifestation magic, the healing of children, inspiration of self, sovereignty, and other creative endeavors.
Deae Matres - Call on her to be a part of your harvest ritual and your fertility magic, or to gain prosperity.
Dealgnaid - Invoker her power for taking n effective leadership roles.
Dechtere - See the entry for Triple Goddess for suggested uses for Dechtere's energies.
Deirdre of the Sorrows - Invoke Deirdre at bedtime to have prophetic dreams. Align with or invoke her to enhance personal appearance. Path work with her to overcome the ludicrous idea that that which is beautiful is always dangerous.
Delbchaem - fertility magic.
Deoca, Queen - Without anything magical being involved, be careful what you ask for or you might get it.
Derbforgaille - Invoke her to teach you the mysteries of spiritual kinship.
Dia Griene - Dia Griene's energy can help us in uncovering past-lives.
Domnu - Domnu can teach leadership skills, and aid you contacting the numerous Celtic sea faeries.
Don - See Dana for full discussion.
Drem - Invoke Drem to aid you in divination, in conjuring prophetic dreams, or help in serving your country, clan, or other group about which you care.
Druiantia - Call on Druiantia and her legions to aid you in eco-magic and with help in understanding the complex tree calendar of the Celts, and the magical properties of each.
Dwyvach - think of Dwyvach as one half of creative magic, needing her consort to complete the work. Call upon them when working as a couple in ritual or spell work or to enhance sex magic.
Eadon - Invoke Eadon to open your own creative chhanels.
Ebha Ruadh Ni Murchu - Women who wish to merge with a genuine heroic figure and are as yet uncomfortable working with male forces might wish to align with Ebha instead.
Ebhlinne - Invite Ebhlinne to actively participate in your Midsummer rituals or to assist you with fire magic.
Edain - Ask Edain to help you with past or future life explorations, invoke her to enhance personal appearance.
Eire - Call on Eire for her qualities of leadership, to aid you in keeping memories as in keeping one's name alive, and for finding creative ways to overcome enemies.
Eithne - See Arianrhod for full discussion of Eithne's attributes.
Elen - Invoke her to gain her qualities of leadership and compassion.
Elphame, Queen of - As a potent crone Goddess her energies are associated with death, destruction, plague, battle and the Otherworld. By extension, her Beltane associations link her to concepts of rebirth. Respectfully harness her powerful energy as you would any crone's. Also call upon her as a May Queen and for aid in faery contact.
Emer - Ask Emer's help when you need a boost of self-esteem and self-pride. It really is all right to blow your own horn occasionally. She can also help you to release your own creative spirit and aid your mental prowess.
Enid - Cultivate her aid in couples work, sex magic, romantic love spells and when issues of fidelity are involved.
Eostre - Call on Eostre for assistance in your Ostara rites, in the Great Rite, in fertility matters for you or for your pets and livestock. Her association with spring makes her energy compatible with blessing new ventures or for celebrating reincarnation and new life.
Epona - Call on Epona for dream work, fertility, war, use her to help banish nightmares in children. As a self-triplicate she can teach women the needed lesson of being whole and complete within themselves, and to be sovereign, men can "mate" with her to help attain similar strengths. She is also compatible with sex magic and divination.
Erce - Ask Erce to your harvest festivals, and allow her to lend her aid to earth magic.
Eri of the Golden Hair - Utilize Eri's energy as the feminine principle of creation. As the mate of the sun she can be linked to moon mother images.
Ernmas - "She-farmer" relates her to fertility rites, and the "murderer" to the dark mother. Use her energy for fertility and earth magic spells.
Ess Euchen - Align with her to understand the need for and pitfalls of vengeance. Flying off the handle and seeking to do someone else bodily harm may have been an idea prized by Celtic warriors, but it is hardly sound practice for modern pagans who - hopefully - have evolved into beings able to reason out differences. Path work with Ess Euchen to change the outcome of her story and to learn to overcome the temptation to engage in or listen to gossip.
Ethne - Her powers of invisibility are usually a metaphor for astral projection (through there is a tradition of utilizing other types of invisibility spells in Celtic magical practice). Call on her to aid you in this endeavor, or invoke her when you wish to go about unnoticed.
Fachea - Invoke Fachea to inspire creativity in yourself or others.
Fand - Call on Fand for healing, and for the assurance that you can have pleasure without guilt if you act responsibly. She can also aid you in making faery contact and water magic.
Fedelma - Invoke her to increase your own psychic abilities.
Feithline - Call on her for divination and aid in spirit contact. She can also tell you the time of your own death, if you really care to know.
Finchoem - Fertility magic.
Findabar - Females can align with hr to have the courage of their convictions and to help them be strong enough to have and live with their choices. Men can pair themselves with her to have a strong partner for overcoming adversity.
Fiongalla - Call upon Fiongalla for seasonal rites. Bring her required items (yew berries, holly boughs, and bouquets of marigolds) to evoke her presence (but not if pets or children will be in attendance, as those items contain toxic properties).
Fionnuala - Fionnuala can be invoked to give us the strength to aid our family and keep them together.
Flaithius - Divination.
Fludais - Fludais can aid you in magic for animals, the environment, and in learning to give. She is also a Goddess of the hunt and a feminine version of the Holly King/Santa Claus.
Garbh Ogh - Eco-magic, seasonal rites involving the sacrificial God.
Genovefa - Earth magic.
Gillagriene - Fire magic
Godiva, Lady - Lady Godiva is a May Queen for seasonal rites See Epona for further discussion of her attributes.
Goewin - Approach Goewin as a Goddess of sovereignty and May Queen.
Goleuddydd - Cultivate her to strengthen family ties, or to help you know when it is time to leave your family to begin your own.
Grainne - Feminine power, love, and invisibility spells.
Grainne Ni Malley - Grainne shares the attributes of the many goddesses of sovereignty, and can aid you in serving your country, or discovering the divine feminine power inside yourself.
Grian - Call on Grian and Aine to be a part of seasonal rites. If you prefer a feminist slant on your spirituality, they can easily replace the Holly and Oak Kings' function.
Guildeluec - Evoke her to learn lessons of unselfish love, compassion, and as an aid to general magic.
Guinevere, Queen - Seasonal rites.
Gwendydd - Divination
Gwennolaik - Evoke her for romance spells, couples work, and spirit contact. Loyalty and family love and ties can also be strengthened in ritual with her that can teach that family is more than blood ties, but is love and caring.
Gwyar - Spirit contact, Passing Over rites, childbirth.
Habetrot - Call on Habetrot for aid in healing spells, to be a part of seasonal rites, or to commemorate creation.
Habondia - Use the spirit of Habondia in seasonal harvest rituals, fertility rites, for prosperity spells, or to make earth magic.
Heloise - Call on Heloise for couples magic, Druidic magic, love spells, aid and wisdom for students, and for Hand-fasting rites.
Hanwen - Fertility rites, childbirth assistance, and prosperity magic.
Igraine - Igraine is the eternal mother Goddess who is both mother and lover to her child. Call upon her for seasonal rites involving the birth and death of the father God.
Inghean Dhuidhe - use her energy in Beltane rituals, for flower festivals, or to bless spring planting.
Irnan - Irnan is a powerful source of magical energy, and also shares most of the attributes of the Triple Goddess and the Morrigan.
Isolde - Invoke these two in Hand-fasting rituals, and ask their aid in couples work, sex magic, and love spells.
Kele-De - Call on Kele-de to raise feminine power or for sex magic.
Lady of the Lake, The - The Lady of the Lake is a powerful archetype of sovereignty. Harness her energy for purification, healing, the Great Rite, and many other magical acts associated with the feminine elements.
Lassair - Seasonal Rites.
Latiaran - Seasonal rites and fire magic.
Latis - Ask Latis' assist in your understanding the Wheel of the Year. Call on her for Samhain rites or to add her voice to the mourning of the old God.
Lavercam - Lavercam can aid you in divination, creative endeavors, and spells and rituals to invoke loyalty. Evoke her energy to bless binding and secrecy rituals within your coven. She can also subtly help us to remember that looks are less important than other qualities.
LeFay - Healing.
Liban - Liban kames an excellent subject for path working to learn about knowledge, transformation, and loyalty. She can also aid you in finding a familiar.
Luaths Lurgann - Call on her to overcome enemies, strengthen family or loyalties, for aid in teaching, for gaining physical fitness, or for learning astral projection.
Luned - Ask Luned to teach you the art of astral projection for this is truly the art of invisibility.
Macha - Cultivate Macha to aid you in childbirth,, to gain wisdom, to help you overcome your enemies, or to uncover past-lives.
Maeve, Queen - Involve Maeve in sex magic and spells for leadership skills. Call on her power to gain perseverance and strength, or to ward off enemies. Path work with her to understand your won, or your partner's feminine power.
Magog - Call on them for fertility or couples magick, and for casting spells with the earth element.
Mala Liath - See Cerridwen and the Cailleach for full discussion.
Marcassa, Princess - healing, sleep/dream magic, or seasonal rites.
Marcia Proba - Invoke Marcia Proba when you are called upon to make judgment and mete out justice. Allow her to teach you about fairness and equality.
Meg the Healer - Call on her for healing, herbal knowledge, or to aid you in faery contact.
Melusine - Compassion, also knowledge of when vengeance is not right or just, or none of your business.
Messbuachallo - Fertility, general aid to magic.
Modron - Call Modron for all mother Goddess magic and ritual needs. She is also at home at harvest rites, childbirth beds, and in sex magic.
Moningfhion - Evoke her presence for Samhain rites, and ask her to aid you in gaining her vast wisdom.
Morgan LeFay - Morgan's energy is compatible with music magic, sovereignty rites, passing over rituals, spirit contact, and water spells. She can also help teach us the destructive nature of gossip and bigotry. Call on her to put a stop to this if it is ruining your coven or Pagan organization.
Morgay - Seasonal rites.
Moriath - Cultivate her assistance for making your own music magic.
Morrigan, The - The Morrigan are a powerful force which most prefer to separate and work with one-on-one. Call on them for passing over rituals, or to help you overcome enemies. Servicemen and women can call upon their energy when in battle. They are also a potent force for waning moon and banishing magic. However, be cautioned that their collective energy can turn violent.
Muireartach - See the Morrigan for full discussion.
Munanna - Though not a potent archetype, Munanna can be helpful to us in understanding and overcoming our culturally bred fear of powerful women.
Murna of the White Neck - the birth in the woods links her image to fertility, woodland and fertile earth Goddesses. Call upon her for fertility, or eco- and earth magic.
Nair - Ask Nair's aid in making spirit contact, assisting your Samhain rites, and in prosperity rites.
Nantosuelta - Fertility spells, harvest rites, and water magic.
Nehalennia - Call on Nehalennia for protection on the water.
Nemetona - Call upon Nemetona for blessing your circle and for bestowing protection on all your sacred spaces.
Nessa - Invoke her as a Goddess of sovereignty, feminine power, strength and courage. Ask her aid in overcoming enemies, increasing mental prowess, and in helping you to look out for the interests of your children.
Nicevenn - Samhain rituals.
Odras - Since the Morrigan are the supreme death and battle deities of the Celts, Odras' tale teaches us that death cannot be cheated or halted, no matter how we proteSt. When Odras' livelihood was taken, she died, even though she tried in vain to fight the death Goddesses. Use her to learn about accepting the inevitable cycles of time rather than fearing then. This does not mean one should not fight for life, but we must be wise enough to realize when the struggle must end.
Olwen - Olwen can aid you in making faery contact, or enhance Beltane rituals, and she can help women learn to tap into their own feminine power.
Onaugh - Assistance in faery contact.
Plur na mBan - Experiment with her youthful energy at the spring Sabbats or at Pagan flower festivals.
Princess of the Sun, The - Call on her for aid in overcoming enemies, for couples work, lessons in cooperation (often needed in coven settings), and for protection.
Rashincoatie - Path work with Rashincoatie to help you overcome your own childhood traumas. There's a lot to be said for visualizing yourself in a happy ending - whatever you choose it to be.
Ratis - Use the energy of Ratis when you need to build up and/or enhance your defenses. Call upon her to protect the boundaries of your sacred circle.
Rhiannon - Rhiannon can aid you in overcoming enemies, exercising patience, working magic, moon rituals, and enhancing dream work.
Rhiannon Rhin Branawd - Invoke or path work with her to learn more about the feminine mysteries.
Rosmerta - Cultivate Rosmerta to aid in healing and communication.
Saba - Magic for animals, aid in finding a familiar.
Scathach - Call on Scathach for weaving potent magick, to learn fighting skills, to offer protection, or invite her to aid you when you are the teacher.
Scena - Experiment with her energies as a Goddess of mergers and subtle changes.
Scota - Call on her to aid you in finding the right names for yourself and other things. Experiment with her energies as a mother Goddess.
Sequana - Call on Sequana for prosperity rites, or for making earth and water magic. Use her presence to purify your circles. Invoke her for prosperity rites.
Sheila-na-gig - Use her image for harnessing feminine power, or to help reveal past and future lives.
Sin - Call on her for stamina and strength to fight problems, to help handle legal matters, or overcome enemies. Also ask her for protection and prosperity. Evoke her as a patron Goddess if you give your time and energy to aiding the hungry or the homeless.
Sionnan - Ask her to aid you in faery contact or inn well rituals.
Sirona - Healing and purification.
Smirgat - Tap into her power to gain feminine power and learn the mysteries.
Stine Bheag O'Tarbat - General aid in magic, and for making weather magic.
Sul - Invite Sul to Imbolc rites and ask her too aid in healing rituals.
Taillte - Taillte's energy is compatible with seasonal and harvest rites, fertility magic, and enhancing strength for competitive games.
Tamara - Call on the energy of Tamara when you need to create or fortify your own boundaries.
Taranis - Involve Taranis in Passing Over rituals.
Tea and Tephi - Call on these two to protect sacred spaces or to aid you in seeking to find your sacred space. They also share a connection with the ancient Celtic powers sleeping in wait at Tara that can be connected with through deep meditation and path working.
Tlachtga - Call Tlachtga to your Samhain rituals and invoke her during Crone age rites of passage.
Triduana - See Brid for discussion.
Triple Goddess, The - When working magic in sync with the moon phases, draw into yourself the appropriate aspect to aid you. By doing this any magical goal can be aided.
Tryphyna - Tryphyna can teach us to wield the power of elements, to overcome enemies, and to work with all forms of elemental magic. Evoke her spirit into a ring for protection.
Turrean - Path work with Turrean to learn to make the best of a bad situation, to help you in the care of dogs, or for working with dog familiars. Call upon her maiden form for New Year's rites.
Uathach - Protection and strength.
Varia - Learn from Varia the right use of temper in magical intent.
Veleda - Call upon Veleda when you need to enhance your leadership skills, inspire others, or lead troops.
Vennolandua - Call on her for reclaiming feminine power, or for exercising leadership roles.
Vivienne - Vivienne can be a boon to sex or couples magic despite her negative press. She can also teach us about the dangers of manipulative magic of any kind, but especially in love where we are all tempted.
Vivonn - Evoke her for assistance in Passing Over rituals.

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