December 22—January 19.
Planet: Saturn.
Metal: Lead, Pewter
Age:42-49 yrs
Cross: Cardinal
Element: Earth
Stones: Onyx, jet, garnet, opal., Malachite, Ruby.
Numbers: 3 & 8
Day: Saturday
Season: Winter
Flowers and Herbs: Nightshade, rue, and snowdrop
Tree: Pine, cypress, yew, spruce
Color: Black, gray, violet, red, brown.
Bird: Owl, falcon
Animals: Dog, elephant, goat
Key Word: Achievement
Musical Tone: D
Description: The Capricorn is the ideal industrialist or merchant, letting no humanitarian concerns interfere with important business or moneymaking opportunities. Capricorns harbor powerful emotions that as Earth signs they find difficult to express. This sign can be very unimaginative, serious, and cautious when drawn into the world of materialism. Capricorns' greatest traits are their ability to heal and have great visions. Their greatest downfall is being manipulative and deceitful.
Capricorn Oil: Use 2 tablespoons of any of the following herbs to 2 ounces oil. Steep one moon cycle or for 12- 24 hrs on low in a slow cooker. If stronger scent is desired, remove herbs and repeat. Crack in 2 vitamin E capsules if preservative is desired.
Herbs: Frankincense, khus khus, carnation, comfrey, dandelion, Iceland moss, flax seed, thistle, sorrel

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