Strong Healing Stone /Courage / stress / Friendship
Description: A silicate (Tectosilicates, silica group) Aviation of chalcedony. Opaque green with red markings. The red is caused by iron oxides. Bloodstone is green, with red speckles through it
Metaphysical Properties: An intense healing stone. Brings courage and strengthens the will. Balances spiritual forces. Reduces emotional stress. Enhances creativity. Revitalize love, relationships and friendships. It strengthens and oxygenates the bloodstream, improves circulation, and generally has a beneficial effect on diseases of the circulatory system. It reduces emotional and mental stress.
Healing Attributes: Heart. Spleen. Bone marrow. Kidneys. Bladder. Intestine. Leukemia. Naturalize toxins.
Corresponding Astrological Signs: Pisces

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