Ocimum basilicum
Magical Uses: Basil protects from evil and negativity, and aids in attracting and keeping love. It is used for purification baths, and in wealth and prosperity rituals. Carrying a basil leaf in your pocket brings wealth, and if powdered basil is sprinkled over your mate while they sleep, it is supposed to eliminate infidelity from your marriage. Can be used to soothe tempers between two lovers, as the smell of basil causes sympathy between two people. Can be added to love sachets, and rubbed on the skin as a natural love attracting perfume. Basil is also used in love divinations. Place two fresh basil leaves on top of a live coal. If they lie where you put them, and burn quickly to ashes, the relationship in question, will be happy and harmonious, but if they crackle and pop, the life of the couple will be disturbed by quarrels, and if the leaves fly apart with fierce crackling, the relationship is undesirable.

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