Understanding the Spoken word / Enhances psychic ability
Description: Group- Nitrates, Carbonates, borates. Elongated or tabular prismatic crystals, masses, films or inter-grown. Colors ranges from light to dark blue. Is a secondary mineral found in copper mines. Is soluble in ammonia effervesces in diluted acids. Heavy and fragile. Often replaced by malachite, as it is pseudomorphs through hydration.
Metaphysical Properties: Aligns the chakras allowing unimpeded energy flow. Helps in mediation. Enhances psychic abilities. Helps understand the spoken word. Calms effects of negative emotions. Balances ethereal fields. Make excellent pendulums.
Healing Attributes: Spine. Rib cage. Small bones. Circulatory disorders. Clears toxins. Spasms and tics.
Corresponding Astrological Signs: Sagittarius

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