Courage / Mystic / Shields the aura
Description: A Silicate (Cyclosilicates) A type of beryl. Blue in color. Other beryl's include Morganite, heliodor and Emerald. Prismatic crystals - dome individuals crystals can be enormous (have been found up to 9 meters longs) very hard insoluble in acids. Has both industrial and gem quality. Various shades of blue to aqua
Metaphysical Properties: The stone of courage and of mystics. Gives great clarity of mental vision. Good for mediation. Balances the emotional and physical bodies. Shields the Aura. Protects from pollutants. Aligns chakras. Helps people to be more tolerant. Its most powerful use is for opening up the psychic. Wearing the stone sensitizes the subconscious mind, breaking down mental barriers and allowing psychic impressions to flood through.
Healing Attributes: Eyes. Phobias. Nerves. Glands. Liver. Stomach. Toothache. Throat disease.
Corresponding Astrological Signs: Pisces

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