Helps Choice making / Stimulates intellect /Brings good luck to warriors
Description: Organic material-harden tree resin. Orange to dark brown. Often contains fossil remains of insects and plants. Floats on water and burns. It is a soft material.
Metaphysical Attributes: It is a sacred stone to both the Native American and Eastern Indians It was used in fire ceremonies of ancient tribal healers. Color is usually yellow, orange, red, brown or gold. More expensive and rare colors are violet, green, blue or black. Amber is actually fossilized resin of extinct conifer trees that lived about 120 million years ago. Amber is soothing to both nerves and spirit, as well as bestowing protection upon its wearer. Keep a piece on your alter, or in your ritual space, to add strength to every magical working you do. Also useful for past life meditation, and rubbed on sore muscles, will soothe them
Change negative energy into positive energy. Emits soothing energy. Can cleanse chakras. Stimulates intellect. Helps one to make choices. Brings good luck to warriors. Balances the Electro magnetism in the body. Purifies one's environment. When placed in your bath water, Amber aids relaxation.
Healing Attributes: Goiter. Throat diseases. Kidney and bladder.
Corresponding Astrological Signs: Aquarius

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