Helps Stress / Brings out latent Talents / Promotes marital fidelity
Description: A Silicate [Tectosilicates, Silica group]. A variation of Chalcedony that is concentric band or fibrous caused by precipitation in round cavities in lava rocks. There are numerous types of Agate.
Metaphysical Attributes: Stabilizes aura. Balance yin and yang energies. Stimulates analytical capacities. Awakens latent talents. Promotes marital fidelity. Helps stress. There are many varieties and colors of agate, including pink, black, blue, yellow, lilac, and many others. Wear to relieve insomnia, and to give pleasant dreams. Strong healing properties - All agate can reverse the energy for in any chakra, thus removing blockages and illnesses.
Healing Attributes: Strengthens sight. Heals mental illness. Helps paralysis.
Corresponding Astrological Signs: Gemini

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